Inferno  0.2
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
agent.cpp [code]
agent.hpp [code]
clean_up.cpp [code]
clean_up.hpp [code]
clone.hpp [code]
common.hpp [code]
conjecture.cpp [code]
conjecture.hpp [code]
containers.hpp [code]
coupling.cpp [code]
coupling.hpp [code]
cpptree.cpp [code]
cpptree.hpp [code]
doc_graphs.cpp [code]
doc_graphs.hpp [code]
fall_out.cpp [code]
fall_out.hpp [code]
for_to_while.cpp [code]
for_to_while.hpp [code]
generate_implicit_casts.cpp [code]
generate_implicit_casts.hpp [code]
generate_stacks.cpp [code]
generate_stacks.hpp [code]
graph.cpp [code]
graph.hpp [code]
hit_count.cpp [code]
hit_count.hpp [code]
identifier_tracker.cpp [code]
identifier_tracker.hpp [code]
inferno.cpp [code]
inferno_patterns.cpp [code]
inferno_patterns.hpp [code]
itemise.cpp [code]
itemise.hpp [code]
lower_control_flow.cpp [code]
lower_control_flow.hpp [code]
magic.hpp [code]
match.hpp [code]
misc.cpp [code]
misc.hpp [code]
node.cpp [code]
node.hpp [code] [code]
parse.hpp [code]
rc_hold.cpp [code]
rc_hold.hpp [code]
read_args.cpp [code]
read_args.hpp [code]
render.cpp [code]
render.hpp [code]
scope.cpp [code]
scope.hpp [code]
sctree.hpp [code]
search_replace.cpp [code]
search_replace.hpp [code]
shared_ptr.hpp [code]
simple_compare.cpp [code]
simple_compare.hpp [code]
slave_test.cpp [code]
slave_test.hpp [code]
soft_patterns.cpp [code]
soft_patterns.hpp [code]
sort_decls.cpp [code]
sort_decls.hpp [code]
specialise_oostd.hpp [code]
split_instance_declarations.cpp [code]
split_instance_declarations.hpp [code]
standard.cpp [code]
standard.hpp [code]
state_out.cpp [code]
state_out.hpp [code]
systemc_detection.cpp [code]
systemc_detection.hpp [code]
to_sc_method.cpp [code]
to_sc_method.hpp [code]
trace.cpp [code]
trace.hpp [code]
transformation.hpp [code]
type_db.cpp [code]
type_db.hpp [code]
type_info.hpp [code]
typeof.cpp [code]
typeof.hpp [code]
uncombable.cpp [code]
uncombable.hpp [code]
uniquify_identifiers.cpp [code]
uniquify_identifiers.hpp [code]
validate.cpp [code]
validate.hpp [code]
walk.cpp [code]
walk.hpp [code]